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Under the Thermo Scientific brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., we help scientists meet the challenges they face in the lab or in the field every day. From routine analysis to new discoveries, our innovations help professionals do the science they need to do, the way they want to do it

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With more than 60 years of innovation and leadership, FEI enables customers to find meaningful answers to questions that accelerate breakthrough discoveries, increase productivity, and ultimately change the world. FEI designs, manu­factures, and supports the broadest range of high-performance microscopy workflows that provide images and answers in the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales.

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SOTAX, founded in 1973, began as an engineering company to service the pharmaceutical and other industries. Today SOTAX is a leader in the development and manufacturing of test instruments and software for tablet testing and is a leading solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry. SOTAX is owned privately by the Benz family.

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WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG is a company of the WALDNER Group, which employs approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. We have developed and produced laboratory furniture for all applications in Wangen im Allgäu for more than 60 years.

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ATAGO has been the leader in refractometer technology for over 73 years. The history of Refractometers began with a basic model -- a simple analog instrument. Today, refractometers are highly sophisticated due to the advancement of technology and the incorporation of high precision electronics into a refractometer.

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Fedegari Autoclavi SpA, located in Albuzzano, PV (Italy) is the holding company of the Italian industrial group that manufactures machines, systems, components and provides services in the field of sterilization, chemical bio-decontamination and contamination control for the bio-pharmaceutical and food industry worldwide. Fedegari was created by brothers Giampiero and Fortunato Fedegari in the early 1950s in Pavia as a small handicraft company dedicated to the manufacture of various structural items. Later it developed in the production of sterilizers, gradually specializing in the design of these machines for application in the pharmaceutical field.

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Know-How and individuality. Construction of machines and installations since 1965 – Made in Germany. High performing precision cleaning machines as well as cleaning, disinfection and drying – adapted to your needs and individual requirements – made in Germany with the highest quality level.


Our company history dates back to Berlin 1933, when Dr. Bruno Lange set up a company in his own name employing six people. Inventions such as the photometer and later on cuvette tests have revolutionised the field of analysis, making it possible to conduct extensive analyses without the need for in-depth knowledge of chemistry.


RETSCH is active in the fields of neutral-to-analysis sample preparation and characterization of solids. Since 1990 RETSCH has been part of the continuously growing VERDER technology group and formed the core of the group’s Scientific Division.

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The KERN DKD calibration laboratory (DKD-K-11801) for electronic balances, test weights and force measurement devices has been accredited by DKD since 1994 and today is one of the most modern and best-equipped DKD calibration laboratories in the world for these measurement values.

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As a family-owned technology business with a long-term strategy the Berghof group of companies is involved in developing and producing pioneering work in friendly collaboration with customers and partners. Established in 1966 as a private research institute we follow a tradition in which scientific insights are translated into practical business terms. The extensive professional skills of our employees, as well as the wide range of our commercial activities that today cover eight business units, are a reflection of this.

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We bring together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve the world's most complex challenges related to water scarcity, quality, productivity, the environment and energy.


RECIPE was founded in Munich in 1982 and is one of the leading companies in HPLC and LC-MS/MS diagnostics today. RECIPE's success in the past 30 years has mainly been defined by the consistent implementation of a customer-oriented, stringent quality policy.

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Memmert is an innovation leader in the development of heating ovens, incubators, climate chambers as well as waterbaths and oilbaths for a wide range of applications in biological, pharmaceutical and food research as well as industrial quality testing. All parameters are controlled with the utmost precision to ensure a controlled atmosphere in our temperature control appliances.

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Keep waste liquids which are hazardous to health and environment in check, before they become dangerous for you. This is the SymLine(R) principle.

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Perfect materials and simple, but absolutely safe, handling are the preconditions for safety. This is what products from S.C.A.T. provide with a guarantee you can count on. All S.C.A.T. products are developed in close collaboration with major German chemical and pharmaceutical firms. Here, chemists, engineers and technicians have deliberated, developed and manufactured for colleagues.

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Bioquell, an Ecolab Solution, provides validated and compliant surface and airborne biodecontamination with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology, allows you to focus on what truly matters – your work. Ecolab Life Sciences, powered by Bioquell, delivers an end-to-end contamination control portfolio that allows you to have safer products and processes, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and realize operational efficiencies.

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CODEL International Ltd design and manufacture cutting edge instrumentation, primarily CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) for industrial emissions and air pollution monitoring, road tunnel environments, plant and rail safety. Our aim is to design advanced, well-engineered equipment that provides reliable operation coupled with a low costs of ownership.

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